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I can relate to this somehow. Fortunately, there’s still a remote.

Throwback Thursday #1


Me and my bride, 1975 or 76. Check out the rad KC Hi-Liters. They were all the rage!

Here’s a throwback to another time! I knew you would want to see this, so here it is! This was 1975 or 76. It’s all a blur, but I know it was somewhere during that time. We were outside our trailer in Page Arizona, leaning against our beautiful 60-something government surplus Dodge Powerwagon. The simple life! And overalls were the in thing.

Train Under Construction

I’ve begun work on this little tabletop railroad yard for the grand kids. When it’s finished, I’ll be placing it on the Ikea coffee table you see in a couple of these pictures so that the kids can get a good look at it. It’s nowhere near finished but I wanted to post a couple of pictures now. Once it’s done, I’ll be posting a more complete step-by-step blog with more pictures. For now, here’s a couple pics to give you a general idea of the layout, which is pretty simple.


This is the Ikea coffee table that the train will sit on when finished.



I mounted 2″ insulation styrofoam board onto 1/2″ birch plywood. Since it’s so small, it isn’t flimsy at all.


The cutout area will be a lake. I used Liguid Nails for Projects to glue the styrofoam to the plywood and the track to the styrofoam. I’ll provide a lot more detail on the finished blog.


Life With a Quiltress


This applies. I’m not complaining. Just sayin’.

Busy Day

It’s always a busy day when the grandkids come to visit. There’s always toys to be played with and things to explore.