Monthly Archives: December 2019

My First Video Trailer

This was the first video trailer I’ve done and I’m kind of proud of the way it turned out. It’s pretty dramatic! I grew up in this town during the construction of Glen Canyon Dam and the building of Page Arizona. Check it out…

Leonid and Friends

Have you heard of Leonid and Friends? I hadn’t either until we saw them in concert at a local venue about a month ago. They’re a Chicago tribute band from Russia, currently touring the USA. Chicago was one of my favorite bands in the 60s and 70s and Leonid and Friends faithfully brings back that original sound of Chicago. Watch this video and subscribe to their YouTube channel. This is amazing talent!

A Wreath, A Franklin

See what I did there? A wreath, a Franklin? Sound like any vocalists you might know? ‘Tis the season once again so I thought I would post this picture of our Christmas wreath that hangs on our front door. No, the Franklin isn’t part of it any more. That was strictly for visual impact.