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Busy Day

It’s always a busy day when the grandkids come to visit. There’s always toys to be played with and things to explore.

The Rebirth of a Tonka Truck

imageThis is a picture of our son Jake in 1983 with his new Tonka truck we gave him on his 2nd birthday (thank you for not making any comments about the loud sofa). It (the Tonka truck, not the sofa) survived all the years of his growing up and all the abuse that a toy truck is expected to go through at the hands of an energetic boy and his friends. But it became a a little more rusty and a little more worn as each year passed. Not unlike me! Once he outgrew it, my bride decided to pack it away in hopes of giving it to our grandson one day. So it spent the rest of its days in a large trash bag tucked away in different attics, garages, and storage rooms, surviving all of our moves and all of our yard sales. Fast forward 30+ years. Our first grandson was about to turn 3, so it was time to revive a Tonka truck. This is it’s story of renewal and restoration. imageOnce we dusted it off we realized it was still in decent condition, but it needed to be more than decent if we were going to give it to Eli, so the project began in earnest. You can see from these pictures that the rust wasn’t bad and there were no serious dents or blemishes in the metal. The plastic was still in great shape too and just needed some serious cleaning. The decals were mostly wore off and the rivets holding the bed on were loose and rusted.

imageBut overall, it was in pretty good shape and was going to be fairly easy to restore. So we jumped in and started.

Step one was the disassembly. We carefully took Continue reading