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Throwback Thursday #2

imageThis is a blast from the past! This picture of us was taken on a rock pier at Newport Beach California in 1975. We had been married about a year, give or take a couple of months. We lived in an apartment in Costa Mesa at the time. I looked pretty scary! I guess I was either asleep or blinking. I’ll go with blinking.

I loved this time of our lives! Everything was new and to have someone by my side rocked! It still does.

– Mike

Throwback Thursday #1


Me and my bride, 1975 or 76. Check out the rad KC Hi-Liters. They were all the rage!

Here’s a throwback to another time! I knew you would want to see this, so here it is! This was 1975 or 76. It’s all a blur, but I know it was somewhere during that time. We were outside our trailer in Page Arizona, leaning against our beautiful 60-something government surplus Dodge Powerwagon. The simple life! And overalls were the in thing.